Nic 2019 Summary

Webinar by Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar :INDIA SOUTH ASIA CARDIAC CONVERSATIONS High Bleeding Risk Summit ,Topic: Does short DAPT matter in HBR patients?

Webinar:Topic : Complex Cases in PCI by Dr .A .Sreenivas Kumar

Webinar Addressing by Dr.A.Sreenivas kumar -Topic : High Dose Statin Therapy

Double Trouble : Diabetes & Hypertension & Improving Outcome through 24 hours BP Control with combination Therapy by Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar

Facts Foundation conducting webinar : East Meets West By Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar , Dr.Ajay Kirtane , Dr.Susheel Kodali, Dr.Amirali Masoumi, Dr. Giulio Gualiumi , Dr.Samuel Mathew, Dr.Praveen Chandra

Spectrum of Cardiovascular cases during COVID Pandemic/Management Guidelines by Dr.A.Sreenivas kumar

Webinar STEMI CARE INDIA AP & Telangana : Andhra Pradesh & Telangana on Fight Against STEMI in the era of COVID

Left Main Bifurcation Current guidelines,data and best practices. Learn from the Masters Dr.A.Sreenivas kumar & Dr.D.S.Gambhir

Complex Case Theater: Left Main Bifurcation By Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar (Cardiologist) Apollo Hospitals Hyd. Live programme on PCSK9 Inhibitors & Other Newer Paradigms in Lipid Therapy

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar lecture on Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Revisiting the strategies to avoid Readmissions

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar Lecture on Place for Statin & Clopidogrel

Live discussion on "How to Keep the Heart Strong During the Lockdown" by Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar, Sr.Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, J.Hills, Hyd.

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar (Cardiologist) Apollo Hospitals Hyd.Live Webinar :- CVD Management & Disease In Scenario Of COVID-19

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar (Cardiologist) Apollo Hospitals Hyd.Live Webinar

Dr.A.Sreenivas Kumar (Cardiologist) Apollo Hospitals Hyd.Live Webinar Topic : Mastering Complexity in Heart Failure: Role of Eplerenone & Tolvaptan